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Your Guide to have the Best Christmas Post Pandemic

Your Guide to have the Best Christmas Post Pandemic

It is beginning to look a lot like Christmas! And just as we had a safe Halloween, this won’t be any different. We know that a holiday post the pandemic might not sound the best thing, but we sure can enjoy the holidays and cold weather with our loved ones even from a distance.

Here is our guide to ensure the best Christmas post Covid-19!

– Get your holiday spirit on 

Get yourself a speaker, prepare your Christmas playlist and have the joyful tunes play all day long! Not only will it put you and your family in the mood to fill your home with cheers, but it will also make preparing for this holiday season more fun and joyful.

– Start decorating 

Bring in the holiday spirit by filling your home with Christmas decorations. Put up the lights, set up a green and red setting, bring in a tree, decorate it with the cutest ornaments with your little ones and rock around your Christmas tree!

Here are some of our favorite decorations:

You can even use those decorations as a background for your holiday card. Get fun dresses, shirts, or matching pajamas for you and your kids, and send the cutest card to your friends and family. 

– Early shopping 

Prepare your shopping list, and get online to start shopping. You can either have the gifts delivered to your place and wrap and bag them up yourself – which is super personal and adorable! Or simply have them delivered directly to your loved ones. 

Check out the latest home appliances to ease preparing your shopping list!

– Zoom Christmas 

It might be difficult to see your loved ones during the holidays, and here comes zoom! Prepare hot cocoa in your Santa mugs and get on a zoom call on Christmas morning or eve to open presents and showoff your decorations and festivities.

– Homemade treats 

Get with your kids and make cookies and gingerbread, and save them up in cute themed tins.

Check out these Christmas themed bakeware:

– Set an entertainment plan 

Make an entertainment plan with a Christmas eve dinner. Use themed table decorations, plates, and napkins. Follow it with some popcorn in a special bowl and hold up a Christmas movie marathon with your family. Cuddling up under a blanket and enjoying the night together is the best family value!

– Bring Santa home 

Going out to see Santa might be difficult, but it does not mean that your kids can’t meet Santa. Dress up as Santa and surprise your little ones. You can even put them to bed dressed as Santa and read them a new book like Usborne’s That’s not my Santa or Igloo’s Short Christmas Stories.

Whatever you choose to do, make beautiful memories with your family, keep your masks and sanitizers on, and have yourself a Merry Little Christmas!