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5 Last-Minute DIY Halloween Costume Ideas

5 Last-Minute DIY Halloween Costume Ideas

Perhaps the scariest part of Halloween is when it sneaks up on you, leaving you without time to source, sew or create a DIY Halloween costume! If you’ve run short on time, don’t worry – here are five easy DIY Halloween costumes that don’t require a sewing machine or expensive purchases!

Mummy DIY Halloween Costume

No, not you! Although some of us do look a little bit scary when rising in the morning, for this costume we’re talking about a mummy who has risen from preservation. Kids who like to look scary will love dressing up in this easy costume, and will automatically adapt the persona!

You will need:

  • –  Long-sleeve black shirt 
  • –  Black leggings or trousers
  • –  A roll of bandages (or toilet paper, if you’re really last-minute!!)
  • –  White face paint

Paint your child’s face with the white paint, and add black smudged paint around the eyes, for a hollowed effect. Dress the child in the shirt and leggings, and get to work wrapping the bandages around their head, and body. It doesn’t need to be neat and perfect! In fact, the messier, the scarier!  

Circus Strongman

Roll up, roll up! Perform your own feat of strength by creating this easy costume from a few simple items!

You will need:

  • –  Striped shirt (sleeveless)
  • –  Tight-fitting shorts 
  • –  Two black balloons
  • –  Long cardboard tube, painted black (or wrapped in black duct tape)

Dress your child in the shirt and shorts, and draw on a moustache. Fix a balloon to each end of the cardboard tube, to resemble a barbell. If you have a white marker or paint, write a weight on each (1 tonne, 50kg, etc), and he’s ready to go. 

Tooth Fairy

Who doesn’t love the Tooth Fairy? This cute costume idea is easy to accessories, and is great for little girls who don’t want to look mean or scary on Halloween.

Things you’ll need: 

  • –  A tutu
  • –  Fairy wings
  • –  Pool noodle
  • –  Dustpan brush

Cut a slit into the pool noodle, and slide the dustpan brush handle down, so it resembles a toothbrush. If you don’t wish to use this method, there are plenty of other options – sticks of dowling with a cardboard tooth attached to the end (to resemble a fairy wand), with ribbons attached. You can accessorise this costume by creating tiaras or necklaces or headbands out of tiny toothpaste tubes, empty toothpaste boxes, or cardboard cut-outs of teeth.

Jellyfish Costume

Take the sting out of expensive costumes, by creating this effective jellyfish outfit!

What you’ll need:

  • –  A dome-shaped plastic umbrella (clear plastic looks great, but blue and pink colors work well too)
  • –  Assorted crepe paper, plastic strips or gift-wrapping ribbons in blue, white, green, pink or clear, cut to approximately 75cm in length 
  • –  Battery-operated LED lights (optional)

Hot glue or tape ribbon strands onto the edges of the umbrella, to resemble flowing tentacles, using various colors. If you wish to illuminate the costume (it looks great at night!), wrap the LED lights underneath, around the umbrella wires. You can draw or stick a set of eyes onto the umbrella. Have your child dress in a neutral color underneath, and carry the umbrella.

Mime DIY Halloween Costume

This costume looks really cute, and is instantly recognizable with its strong black and white color scheme and red accents!

For this costume, you will need:

  • –  Black and white striped shirt
  • –  Black pants and hat (beret, if possible)
  • –  White face paint


  • –  Black suspenders (if you can source them!)
  • –  Red bandana to tie around the neck
  • Once the outfit has been assembled, paint on the white face paint. You can add black paint around the eyes, and a red pursed mouth, or red cheek spots.

So there you have it – a few easy options to ensure that Halloween is more treat than trick!