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Tips to Celebrate Halloween in Covid 19 Era

Tips to Celebrate Halloween in Covid 19 Era

Halloween is around the corner, and boy do we love these spooky times! You might think it is better to skip Halloween because of Covid-19, but keep on reading and we will convince you why you should enjoy this day to the max with your little ones! These tips to celebrate Halloween will make it an unforgettable one. Keep in mind that things are safer now for parties and trick or treating – just don’t forget your masks and sanitizers. 

Should you decorate this year? 

Halloween decorations are essential, but this year they are more important than ever! Go big on your decorations inside and outside your home, and have your kids decorate with you. Not only will it be a wonderful bonding activity, but it will also build up their creativity and promote their responsibility. Don’t forget to post it all on your Instagram story and show it off!

Here are some of our favorite decorations to celebrate Halloween:

Do you want a stay-at-home Halloween at home? 

Halloween at home right now sounds the safest, and once you’re done with decorations there are many other things you can do. 

1| Make spooky face masks

Turn boring surgical face masks to creative art pieces. Prepare a crafts table with decorative eyeballs, vampire teeth, beards, paint, jewels, and whatever you and your family likes and decorate your own face masks! 

2| Homemade treats to celebrate Halloween

Instead of buying candy this year, you can make delicious treats at home with your children! You can make candy, bake cupcakes, or make Halloween cake pops and decorate with edible eyeballs, or sour worms. 

3| Halloween movies 

Choose your favorite Halloween movies (not too scary so you won’t suffer putting your little ones to bed), prepare your setting, and fill up your Halloween bowl with popcorn or candies and have a Halloween movie marathon! 

What about throwing a party to celebrate Halloween? 

While having big gatherings at the time may not be the best choice, you bring a couple of your child’s friends for a little Halloween playdate. You can also have a Zoom call with your children’s friends and class to show off their Halloween costumes! This can be even turned into a little costume contest. We bet you it’ll be a blast for your kids. 

How can we go trick or treating? 

Sure, you can go trick or treating. But let us change the game this year. Instead of taking candy, have your children go to their friends houses, drop the candy at their doorstep, ring the bell, and leave! They can leave the candy and cupcakes they made with you which would be an adorable gesture. 

If you choose to do this, don’t forget your children’s face masks, wet wipes and sanitizers. Try to avoid grabbing candy from bowls too. 

Remind yourself that the current pandemic should not stop us nor our kids from having fun and creating special memories. Use this Halloween to create great unforgettable memories!