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Mumz, look your best when out and about!

Mumz, look your best when out and about!

There’s a little misconception about dressing like a mom and this is the fact that you cannot rock all of those great dresses that you used to. This is absolutely untrue! On the other hand, after a couple of kids, some moms just let themselves go, fall into the routine of the woman who is too busy taking care of her kids and her home to give much thought to your appearance. Why?

Maybe because it takes so much effort to go shopping for ‘in’ clothes or it’s just plain stressful to begin to combine all of your dresses in order to look your best. While these points may be quite reasonable, it still isn’t reason enough to not look good when you’re out and about.

Despite all the changes to your body and lifestyle that you undergo when you become a come, there are still ways to maintain your appearance. And what’s more, there are super easy ways that wouldn’t even take too much effort to accomplish.

Here are some of the tips that would help you out in your quest to escape from Alice bands and mum jeans and become the chic that you used to be again:

Get Comfortable In Your New Body

Waiting to regain your pre-baby body before you get out of those work out leggings and into the stylish clothes that you used to love is a great waste of time. There is really nothing stopping you from starting to look great again.

Of course, you might need some time to get back to your full health and back in shape as well, however, your body may very well remain different now that you have become a mom. Therefore, you should dress in such a way that goes with your new shape.

This goes on to imply that you would need to accept your new figure and learn to live with it instead of regarding it as a temporary imposition. Right after you take this step, you would begin to feel like yourself again.

Also, avoid trying to put on your old clothes because there is a probability that they wouldn’t fit any longer, and also, don’t buy dresses that are overly big. Once you understand your coloring and your shape, you can get to dress the best way that is suited to the new you.

Take Care of Your Skin

Taking care of your skin is one of the most important aspects of caring for your general appearance. Typically, your skin speaks volume and healthy-looking skin goes a long way in delivering the stylish and chic look that you want.

There’s an old saying that goes, “Beauty is only skin deep.” This implies that aside from an attractive look, your skin also plays a major role in determining how you end up appearing to others. Furthermore, proper skincare plays a huge role in reducing aging, so this is a big and long-term plus for you too.

Regular washing and exfoliation of your skin help you keep the aging process at bay and prevent wrinkles from forming on your face. Removing excess oils and makeup, especially before you go to sleep at night is important as well.

Similarly, regular facials and using beauty masks could help to keep your skin healthy and effectively enhance your natural beauty. Proper skincare is key to looking more beautiful and a whole lot younger.

Equally important is feeding on a healthy diet as this would make for radiant skin and serve to enhance your beauty greatly.

Unclutter Your Closet

As a mom, one of the major reasons that prevent you from dressing up the way you want is the fact that you are usually in a hurry. Getting the kids ready for school as well as a bunch of other stuff that you have to do every morning doesn’t leave much time left over to go through your closet in search of clothes.

One great way to prevent this search is to declutter your closet. It is obviously time to get rid of your overstretched maternity wear and other clothes that you haven’t worn in years. Similarly, clothing items that you no longer fancy need to go as well as everything that no longer fits.

When selecting clothes to keep, the fit should not be the only criterion, you should also ensure that they are clothes that help you feel your best. After clearing out your closet and rearranging, you would find that it would be a lot easier to pick out dresses whenever you want.

Also, you would be opening up space for the new stuff that you are getting.

Don’t Forget To Accessorize!

Accessories are the best dressing enhancers anytime, any day. As a matter of fact, dressing without wearing accessories can sometimes be regarded as incomplete dressing. Even if you are a minimalist, wearing minimal jewelry doesn’t hurt at all.

Diamond jewelry is a great option to go for. If you want jewelry that really stands out, a diamond should basically be your most preferred. Diamonds are commonly referred to as a woman’s best friend and make even the simplest of clothes look exotic.

In order to look chic and stylish as a mom, you need to invest significantly in jewelry such that you need not announce your presence for it to be felt. When purchasing diamonds, you need to be certain that they have been ethically sourced as well as ensuring that they are the real thing.

Your Posture Matters!

The way you carry yourself out there invariably determines how confident you appear to be and how people look at you also. Good posture cannot be overemphasized as it instantly makes you look good and very attractive.

In summary, great posture makes you look very beautiful as against what poor posture does to you of course. If you haven’t got great posture, then you need to take active steps to change that.

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