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Best educational toys for children of all ages

Best educational toys for children of all ages

Educational toys are very important throughout the growth of children. These toys can help build up and develop senses and skills for children since they are born. Introducing educational toys is not limited to certain ages, but you do it from birth. Here are some of the top picks for educational toys for all ages 

For newborns and babies 


Huanger – Baby Toys Piano Fitness Rack – Blue

Fitness racks are great for developing hand eye coordination, color recognition, and fitness building. It also helps auditory development. It is perfect for newborns till they simply grow out of it. 

Tiny Love – Explore & Play Apple Activity Toy

This apple shaped toy inspires curiosity for babies as it closes and opens in a peek-a-boo motion. It encourages babies to use their fine motor skills and their small muscles. The various textures and sounds will develop the baby’s senses, and round shape will help your baby practice crawling.

Tomy Toomies – Hide N Squeak Bright Chicks

Squeaky toys are very entertaining for babies as they teach them the idea of action and effect. The bright chicks will do that along with teaching the baby about mixing and matching colors. Plus, the box makes it easier to take this toy

Little Angel – Kids Toys Learning Creative Block Cube

This entertaining block cube has 20 smart blocks with voice output. The variety of music and knowledge gives the baby a sense of intimacy, and teaches the idea of shape. It can be rolled around as well allowing the baby to exercise.

Evenflo – Exersaucers – 2-in-1 Activity Center + Art Table

This activity center will accompany your baby till the age of 4. It has three height positions which can be adjusted to the baby’s height. It includes lights, sounds, music and textures to keep playtime exciting and keep all the senses stimulated. It is also great for physical activity as it helps the baby bounce, turn, and later stand.

For toddlers


Little Angel – Baby Learning Walker – Orange

This toy is ideal to help your baby’s first steps. Babies can grab the handle of the walker easily to stand and walk. It develops the child’s visual, auditory and motor abilities along with stimulating the coordination of the first children’s movements.

DJECO – VoluBasic Wooden Puzzle

Montessori’s approach proved that wooden puzzles are great for educating your toddler. Interacting with high quality woods will stimulate your baby’s senses. The task of putting the puzzle together develops the baby’s brain and it can be done over and over again. 

KidKraft – Building Bricks Play N Store Table

Playing with blocks and bricks is important for toddlers as it teaches them how to hold on to things, how they feel, how heavy they are, and it encourages them to explore the bright colors. This store table is great for building bricks. It has 3 collapsible bins slide out for easy building brick storage, and its pinch-free design keeps little fingers safe when opening and closing tables.

PlayDoh – Sparkle Compound Collection

PlayDoh promotes fine motor coordination and strength. It teaches toddlers how to use their hands, fingers and wrists to shape the doh. It develops color recognition, and stimulates creativity senses. PlayDoh has no age limits, even adults find it fun!

Lelin – Multi-Activity Blocks Box

Another toy that stimulates hand eye coordination skills is this multi-active blocks box. It includes a magnetic board to use 20 blocks in shaping colorful mosaics. Toddlers can start by placing the blocks randomly, then mimic the included cards, and gradually start creating their own mosaics.

For Primary and Secondary School 

Clementoni – My First Chemistry Set

Introduce your children to the world of science with this entertaining and safe chemistry set. More than 80 safe and fun experiments can be made using the illustrated instruction manual and set of scientific tools. Children will have a blast discovering information about chemical elements.

Learning Resources – Double-Sided Magnetic Human Body 3Ft – 17Pcs

You can sing “Head, Shoulders, Knees & Toes”, and you can get this double-sided magnetic human body which includes 17 magnetic pieces to learn human body parts. It also includes a multilingual Activity Guide with reproducible diagrams for students to label!

Learning Resources – Time Activity Set 41Pcs

Telling time is one of the most important skills children should acquire in primary school. It teaches children to tell time, write time, and time matching. It also develops skills such as problem solving, fine motor, and self-help.

Makerbox – Basketball Game

This basketball game is the perfect combination of physical and mental activity. It’s self-built, so you can do this with your kids. The basketball game teaches science and engineering through fun inventions.

DJECO – Zig & Go

Another Montessori toy for older ages is the Zig & Go. Children will learn about chain reaction with its construction set which is made of 28 pieces. It introduces several new concepts such as gravity, force and momentum. Also, many traits can be developed during the game such as problem solving, critical thinking, and perseverance

For Family 

Entertaining children during breaks and holidays can be educational as well. It also can be an activity for the whole family to enjoy and bond. Here are some educational board games you can play together: 

Mattel Games – Smartish

This trivia game is fun for all ages; parents, young adults, teenagers, and children. It is a race and winning takes answering all the questions right. It teaches discipline, waiting for turns, and it stimulates memory and jogs it! 

Galt Toys – Giant Snakes & Ladders Floor Puzzle

Snakes & Ladders is a classical game that your whole family can enjoy. Climb the ladders, slide down the snakes, and have your little ones practice counting.

Mattel Games – Scrabble Junior English

Help your children to spell and guess words with the Scrabble Junior.  It is great for helping children to turn the letters on the board to meaningful words. Just flip the board over, and older children can enjoy making words all by themselves! 

Using these educational toys will make learning more enjoyable for babies, toddlers, and the whole family!