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Special Christmas Gifts for Girls from the Age of 5 to 12

Special Christmas Gifts for Girls from the Age of 5 to 12

Girls are innocent souls. Simplest of things can make them genuinely happy. When it comes to gifting baby girls, one thinks of dolls, doll houses, shimmery party gowns and bows for those pretty curls. There’s no dearth of dolls when it comes to any girl’s play collection. Frocks are too mainstream. Headbands are cute, but a Nah for that perfect Christmas gift. Girls aged 5-12 are more into Disney and Princesses. They are princesses who dare to be different. They are princess who can rule this world. So here’s an amazing list of gifts for girls from the age of 5-12 years old.

1| Barbie – Cutie Reveal Doll

When it comes to gifts for girls, Barbie is always the first thing that comes to mind. This adorable Barbie Reveal doll offers the cutest unboxing experience with 10 surprises. While unboxing it, your little girl will find a plush bunny friend and four surprise bags. And as she removes the bunny costume, she will find a stylish and adorable Barbie. In the surprise bags, your little girl will find shimmery clothes, accessories, a sponge-comb and a mini pet bunny. She will absolutely love this gift!

2| Kidkraft – Kaylee Dollhouse

Dollhouses are one of the best gifts for girls ever. We love this Kaylee Dollhouse from Kidkraft because it is simply sophisticated and charming. This southern style dollhouse features many unique rooms, with each its own story to tell. In addition, it features a front door and gliding elevator. Also, it features finely detailed artwork to boost imaginations. Lastly, this dollhouse is made with high quality durable wood. Which ensures years and years of imaginative fun.

3| Lego – Friends Forest Horseback Riding Centre

Give the gift of role-play fun to animal lovers with the LEGO Friends Forest Horseback Riding Centre (41683). This 3-story ranch set is packed with features, accessories and figures to spark endless storytelling and animal play. Kids can join Mia, Savannah, her guide dog Goldie and brother Kevin as they explore the woods on horseback. Lego always brings both entertainment and skill development to little girls.

4| Classic World – Modern Kitchen

Role play and pretend play are wonderful ways to develop our kids’ skills and creativity. With this little kitchen, that is exactly what your baby girl will get. She will enjoy hours of fun and play with many accessories replicating a real-life kitchen. This kitchen includes microwave, oven, sink, and cooking accessories. It also has an electric plate with sound effects of cooker hood and sound of cooking ingredients.

5| Micro’s Pink Scooter

Some parents think that ride-ons like bikes or scooters are just for boys. But on the contrary, girls will love having their own fun scooter to roam around. Especially this time of the year where the weather is perfect for outdoor fun in Dubai and GCC. In addition, this scooter is perfect for beginners, as it is durable and safe for little kids to use.

6| Magna-Tiles – Qubix 15 Pieces Stardust

The common thing when it comes to gifts for girls is dolls and pink stuff. But some girls are more into education toys, or STEM toys. This fun and educational toy includes 15 colorful, shiny and glittery shapes. It will spark out your little daughter’s imagination and creativity to build whatever her mind desires. Moreover, this toy develops many skills such as math, science, and tactile skills.

7| Crayola’s Table Top Easel Art Case

This is a wonderful sketching art set perfect for artistic little ladies. A portable painting studio you can take with you anywhere! Durable case contains over 65 pieces including; paints, watercolors, watercolor pencils, sketch pencils, and a tabletop easel! Watch your girl’s creativity blossom with this wonder coloring set from Crayola!

8| Glitter Makeover Studio

Little girls love makeup. They often sit there watching their mummies put on makeup and loving it! Therefore, Shimmer ‘N Sparkle offers this adorable glittery makeup studio for little girls. This makeup case includes over 35 makeup colors along with brushes for eyes, lips, and cheeks. Most importantly, the makeup is 100% toxic-free. Making it safe for your little girl to use and enjoy.

9| Little Live Pets – Mama Surprise Playset

Get your little girl these adorable little pets – it will be the sweetest gift ever! Here are 3 adorable babies to discover, each with their own care package that includes: a birth certificate, 2 accessories, and 2 hair elastics. Dress and style up the babies into 3 cute looks: Rock n’ Roll, Preppy and Princess babies! This magical experience is repeatable, so that you can go through the surprise and delight of caring for Mama and discovering her babies, again and again.

10| Hair Studio Fashion Set

Unleash your daughter’s creativity and her own sense of style with this hair studio set. Using this set, little girls can have colorful hair extensions, along with cute beads and flowers in their hair. Also, this set includes hair chalk for colored highlights. This will be a great sleepover activity!

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Let your little princess be surprised by these never-before gifts. This Christmas let’s vow to make it different for her. Only cakes and candies will not do. She is growing up and she deserves a little more thoughtful gift. If you can’t make up your mind with the list above, explore more on Mumzworld. You won’t be disappointed. Your little girl will be all smiles, guaranteed. Merry Christmas!

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