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Cleaning your Home After Summer Vacation

Cleaning your Home After Summer Vacation

After a long and fun summer vacation, it is time to return home and prepare for autumn. Many mums dread this time because house chores piles up and seem a lot to handle. Work might seem even more if you are coming back home from a long abroad vacation. Worry not, there are a couple tips and tricks to ease Cleaning your home after summer vacation. Follow these tips and tricks in order to have your home cleaned in no time. 

How to clean my home after summer vacation?

Trust us, following these steps will guarantee a nice and clean home with minimum effort. Here is everything you need to do:

1| Set up a schedule for chores 

This is one of the best steps to make sure your home cleaning goes easily and smoothly. It will also ensure you do not miss anything. If you are going back from another country, you can have a notebook to write down everything you should do on the plane. Write down things like doing the laundry, vacuuming, mopping, dust cleaning, going shopping. Arrange them to what needs to be done first. You can also use this schedule as a checklist to be more organized. Having a checklist will ensure you get everything done within the timeline you set for yourself.

2| Include all the family 

Assign tasks and chores to every member in your family. You husband can help you with the heavy tasks like vacuuming or decluttering. Also, you will need his help in following up with your children and making sure they do their chores. Children can also help in many simple chores. Like collecting laundry, unpacking, and taking out the trash. Working with your family as a team will create stronger bonds and teach them both independence and responsibility.

You can reinforce your children’s good behavior through making a race out of cleaning your home. Make a board and get some star stickers. Whoever collects their stars first get a reward whether some screen time, an outing with their friends, or a new game. Another good side to including the whole family is less workload on you.

3| Hire help if need be

If both you and your family cannot clean the whole house by yourselves, you can always hire help. If you are living in Dubai, there are plenty of companies that offer cleaning services. Though it might create extra expenses, they will help your come get clean within a day or two tops. This will come in quite handy especially if you or your husband have to go to your jobs immediately.

4| Get rid of unpacked clutter 

Many mums struggle with unpacking for themselves and the rest of the family. That is why we recommended assigning such tasks to your children. It will make things much easier especially if every member in your family had their own suitcase. Set a goal that once you and your family start unpacking, you get rid of all cluttering. Ask them directly not to leave things thrown around. Laundry goes in laundry baskets, toys and games get put back to their designated places, and ask them to tidy their rooms fully. You should do the same with your things to set an example and avoid any messes laying around.

5| Everything is laundry 

Children might find it hard to tell what is laundry and what is not. That is why we recommend that all packed clothes get washed. Collect laundry and throw in a couple loads a day or as much as you need. Do the necessary clothes first, dry them, and have your family fold them with you to finish this task faster.

6| Do not overwhelm yourself

When you write down your schedule and checklist, things might seem a lot to handle. Calm down, take a breath, and do not overwhelm yourself. Handling everything alone will leave you exhausted and way too tired to finish everything in time. Also, plan cleaning your home after summer vacation realistically.  Do not over expect of yourself, and don’t plan to finish everything in one day. You are a great mum and you can do it all once you plan right and set timelines and assign tasks daily. Remember, you can always ask for help whenever you need whether from your family or a cleaning company.

7| Start with bedding sheets and vacuuming

To make things easier, we recommend you start with washing bedding sheets. They will probably be dusty after a long time of not being used. Throw them all in your washing machine. While they are being washed, start vacuuming your home. You might need a second go at vacuuming after unpacking and decluttering, but doing it the first time will ease the second. There are plenty of vacuums that can help you clean floors, carpets, coaches, and ceilings if need be.

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