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How to Get Back into a Routine After the Summer Break

How to Get Back into a Routine After the Summer Break

Summer in the UAE often means long periods of travel for a lot of families – usually to escape the heat and to catch up with family and friends back home. When your kids are living out of suitcases for several weeks at a time, and undoubtedly being spoiled by well-meaning relatives, routines become a long distant memory with late nights and treats galore taking over. We got you covered when it comes to how to get back into a routine after summer vacation.

So how do you restore order once you’re back?

Firstly start with bedtime.

Adjust the time your kids go to sleep by 30 mins to an hour until they are going to bed at their usual time. Go back to a consistent routine such as taking a shower or bath, brushing teeth, story time and then bed – whatever works best for your family. Make sure your kids are getting a decent night’s sleep and not sleeping in too late either, in preparation for when school starts.

Next, take a look at what your kids are eating.

A few weeks of indulgence probably means ice creams and cakes aplenty at various times of the day; however, it is essential to revert to a healthy and balanced diet, and eliminate sugary snacks and treats – especially before bedtime. Three main meals a day and two healthy snacks are ideal but of course, the occasional treat is fine! 

Finally, there is nothing like getting back into the swing of things than reconnecting with old friends.

Before the start of school, why not organize some play dates so your kids have a chance to catch up with their buddies and have some fun. 

We hope you find these tips useful and good luck for the academic year ahead!