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Dubai Shopping Festival: Shopping, Activities, and Tours

Dubai Shopping Festival: Shopping, Activities, and Tours

All Mumz in Dubai and UAE are getting ready for the Dubai Shopping Festival (DSF) extravaganza. These are one of the best times to plan a visit to Dubai. Especially from December 15th and until the 29th of January 2022. And if you are wondering why to visit. Or what kind of offers and festivities there are – we got you covered. So, grab your planner and keep on reading to make the most of the Dubai Shopping Festival! 

When does the Dubai Shopping Festival Start? 

As we mentioned above, it all starts on December, 15th 2021. And the whole festival keeps on going until January, 29th 2022. Keep this date because it is almost annual. There is no greater time to visit Dubai, or get to explore it if you already live there. Planning a visit to Dubai at this time is great for many reasons. Not only you get to explore the city and shop till you drop with great prices and offers. But the weather will be amazing for you and your kids to have amazing outdoor fun

Where is it located? 

That’s the fun part – it is all over the city! You will find amazing deals and offers all over Dubai in celebration of DSF. Having said that, we recommend you to head to the major shopping outlets like big malls or the Global Village. 

What kind of attractions are there? 

Ok, let’s get to the good part. There are plenty of attractions and activities for both you and your family to enjoy. And that is the best part about this. Not only do you shop till you drop with low prices. But the offers include holiday and tour packages as well! Here are some of the top ones that both you and your kids will love.
1| Aquaventure Waterpark

Enjoy a day of water fun at the world’s largest waterpark located at Atlantis Dubai. Not only that, but it also has a Dolphin Bay to play and swim with dolphins! In addition, you can enjoy watching Sea Lion performances and visit the Lost Chamber in Atlantis Dubai. 

2| City tour 

Enjoy a great experience of sightseeing all the famous Dubai attractions within 4 hours or so. This tour takes you to:

  • – Dubai museum
  • – Jumeirah mosque
  • – Palm island 
  • – Mall of Emirates
  • – Burj Khalifa

This tour also includes more stops and activities depending on the package you prefer. Some include skydiving while others offer visiting theme parks. 

3| Balloon Adventures Dubai

Hot air balloons are so incredible and exciting for both adults and children. With the Dubai Shopping Festival season, you can take your family for a memorable air balloon ride. 

Dubai Shopping Festival Offers

As we mentioned previously, you can take advantage of DSF and explore the city. There are plenty of holiday packages to choose from too. You can pick the package that you like depending on how many days you want and what activities you like. Some offers include hotel stays, while others are tour only. 

These offers and packages also include the attractions we mentioned above along with so much more. Booking a whole package will make planning easier and smoother too. So, this whole experience is more than just shopping. But it is also a chance to explore and experience the magic of Dubai. 

Make sure to check out the Tour Deals 

All UAE in 1 day 

Yes, you read it right. Within one day, you can explore and visit all 7 emirates. This tour is about 10 hours long, so make sure you grab everything you need because you’re in for a ride! This tour will help you explore each and every landmark and great monuments in 7 different cities. Amazing, right?  


DSF tour offers two options when it comes to touring Dubai. The first one is 4 hours long, and during it you get to see some of the greatest places to visit in Dubai. Such as: Ski Dubai, Jumeirah Beach, Palm Island, and Dubai Marina. 

As for the second option, it is a 6 hour tour that takes you across the heart of Dubai. It takes you to more landmarks and monuments. And it also offers camel rides in the desert and visiting Al Habib’s Red Dune. 

Abu Dhabi 

Jump on a bus from your hotel in Dubai and head to Abu Dhabi for some fun. The itinerary includes Ferrari World, Abu Dhabi’s date market, and a photo break at the Corniche. In addition, you will visit Emirates Palace Hotel and Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque. 

Fujairah East Coast 

If you are looking for some quality time with nature – then this one’s for you. Also, you get to do some antique, pottery and souvenir shopping. 

Al Ain

Al Ain is also known as the Emirate’s garden city. Enjoy being surrounded by golden sand dunes and mountains. There is also a fun city for your little ones! 


Enjoy this experience to tour Sharjah, the capital city of Dubai. With this tour, you will enjoy a combination of traditional and modern culture. 

Can I sign up for those tours with kids? 

Sure you can! And to make things easier. Make sure to pack snacks, water, and fun games for the ride. Take advantage of bus time to give your little ones a nap so they’d be energetic and enjoy the fun as well.