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Infant jaundice: What is It and How to Cure It?

Infant jaundice: What is It and How to Cure It?

We hear a lot about jaundice, which is a skin condition that happens mostly with newborn babies. Infant jaundice is one of the most common things parents worry about when coming home with a newborn baby. In addition, it usually happens with preterm babies during the first few weeks. Because this is something most mums worry about, we gathered up all the information you need. Along with ways to deal with it at home. 

What is Infant jaundice? 

First of all, most newborn babies experience jaundice. That is a result when the newborn’s liver is immature. In this case, their liver cannot disassemble the bilirubin in the blood. In some other cases, an immature liver can be a result of other health issues. Moreover, this case is very common to happen with preterm babies, like those born during the 38th week of pregnancy. Babies who depended on breast milk can also experience this. 

What are the signs and symptoms of jaundice?

  • – Skin turns into an orange or yellowish color. 
  • – The same yellow color can appear in eyes and tongue.
  • – Over laziness or sleepiness.
  • – If your baby is fussy more than usual and without clear reason. 
  • – If the baby is not eating well as usual. 

How can mums deal with it at home? 

Usually, there is no need to worry much about this. As many experts agree it is easily cured. Also, the symptoms only last a few weeks or so. But still, we need to keep an eye on our little ones and keep checking in with their pediatrician. 

Also, there are many things you can do at home depending on your baby’s age, the reasons for the jaundice, and how severe it is. 

1| Provide a healthy diet. 

First, we urge all mums to keep an eye on their baby’s weight and feeding habits. If you feel your baby is not getting full from the breast milk, try mixed feeding. This is important as you will help them get all the nutrients they need. You can also use a breast pump to help you out. 

Usually, experts recommend using more breast milk than formula. Especially for newborn babies. That is because it has more nutrients and calories. So, the best thing to do is give your baby about 10 meals a day. And not leave your baby without a meal for more than 4 hours. This way, your baby will gain healthy weight gradually. 

2| Phototherapy or Healthy sunlight. 

Phototherapy is a treatment method that hospitals use for severe cases of jaundice. This helps break down the bilirubin into something their little bodies can deal with. Sunlight, or sunbathing can also help do that. If you choose to sunbathe your baby, make sure to take off his or her clothes. And also make sure that the temperatures are good – not too cold, not too hot. You do not need to go out to do this. You can easily do so from anywhere in your home that has direct sunlight. 

3| Medication. 

Modern medication uses many approaches to cure infant jaundice. Such as an exchange transfusion, an immunoglobulin transport, and many other therapeutic approaches. That is why it is extremely important to keep checking in with your doctor. As they will choose the best treatment plan for your baby. 


Finally, infant jaundice is very likely to happen during those first two weeks after birth. But there is no need to worry much about it as it disappears after that. What you should do is take care of your baby, feed him well, and keep an eye on his weight. Also, keep checking in with your doctor constantly to get your baby the best care.