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Online Learning Made Fun with These Gadgets

Online Learning Made Fun with These Gadgets

As our little ones engage in online learning, it is essential to keep them stimulated in their constant development. Without getting on a “maternal high horse” (i.e. humblebrag about our mum skills), we would like to think of ourselves as rather innovative in that department. Our “not so secret” secrets are a few Gadgets we keep handy for our children to ease their distance learning experience.

First of all, we need to prepare the electronics. To make distance learning more exciting for your kids, try accessorizing the electronics for class time. You can get the Koooky Apple iPad Mini Drop Tablet Case that’s shaped like Eddie the Frog! This way the learning process becomes more personalized.

Also, for audible classes, ensure your kid’s engagement by providing excellent headphones to listen and participate during the class.

Here are three pieces of advice to perfect our kids’ online learning experience:

1| Protect their sight

This can be done through 3 steps. One is to maintain eye exercises which basically are looking at a distant object for 20-30 seconds every half hour. Two, use kid-friendly eye drops to avoid itchiness and dryness. And three, protect your kid’s eyes with blue light eye glasses. Why? Because blue light eye glasses filter the harmful blue light coming out of the computer. This is important for our kids who has to spend long hours on computer screens and tablets. Such glasses help avoiding digital eye strain, headache, dry eyes and other.

2| Ensure their comfort

We all know that our kid’s have developing bodies, therefore; we need to make sure that they don’t strain their backs during the long hours of online learning. This includes sitting up straight, not slouching on the couch our bed. Create a small study zone for your little ones that includes their own little desk to keep their backs healthy and their experience more personalized.

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3| Keep them organized

Just because they aren’t physically going to school, doesn’t mean they don’t need school supplies. We recommend keeping your kids organized by buying them school supplies and stationery keep them in a nice organizer or get your kid a pencil case to keep everything nice and organized! You can also get a book display for their school books, coloring books, and notebooks!

Do you have a curious three-year-old? Engage your little ones in the process of distant learning through getting them the Hoox – Eslate1 Writing Board – Black. It is an interactive drawing board, minus the mess of paper and crayons, not to mention no risk of ever experiencing paint on your pristine white walls and furniture. We’d give it a go for that factor only. Did we mention that it comes with alphabet & number stamps? It is a great practice tool for eager preschoolers who look to practice their ABCs proudly. Keep in mind, this would create less quarrel between them and their older siblings.

During the process of distance learning, don’t forget to encourage your children’s hobbies and skills. If your kid like to draw, the Iskn – The Slate 2+ Tablet Notes Digital Drawing Pad is perfect for them! Even us Mumz can use it. Use the Slate connected to your device to see your drawings live, or in screen-less mode to take it and draw everywhere thanks to its integrated battery.

Whatever you choose, know we are all in this together. Whether it’s an actual back to school or a virtual one, we got you covered!

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