8 Fun gender reveal ideas

8 Fun gender reveal ideas

Revealing the gender of your baby is a very exciting moment! Couples are continuing to embrace the trend of creative gender reveals, to share the gender of their baby to family and friends.  

A gender reveal party is a lovely way for couples to celebrate with their closest loved ones, enjoying some sweet treats and perhaps even some fun party games where everyone can guess the gender of the baby, by choosing a blue or pink accessory. Once the gender has been revealed, you’ll be able to see who got it right!

Here are a few cute ideas:

– Balloon pop

reveal the baby’s gender with a giant confetti-filled balloon! Pop it to shower guests with pink or blue confetti.

– Piñata

Turn the gender reveal into a game! Have a piñata filled with blue or pink candies and/or confetti, and reveal your baby’s gender in an explosive shower!

– Cut the cake!

It is customary to serve cake at baby showers and gender reveal parties. Serve a cake iced in a neutral colour, and cut it open to reveal a pink or blue sponge, or pink or blue candies spilling out from the centre! You can also try this with cupcakes or pretty iced cake pops. 

– Balloon reveal

Fill a large box with pink or blue balloons. Cut the box open with your husband, and enable the balloons to float upwards and surprise everyone! It’s a great moment to capture in a photo. 

– Balloon and paint

This one is a little messy but fun! Fill a black balloon with pink or blue paint, and pin it to an outdoor wall covered in a sheet. You and your partner can throw darts at the balloon until it pops, splattering coloured paint onto the sheet and revealing the baby’s gender!

– Confetti bags

A nice economical way of revealing your baby’s gender is to create tiny paper bags full of either pink or blue confetti, and ask everyone to open the bags and throw the confetti into the air at the same time.

– Silly string

If you don’t mind a little bit of mess, get hold of a few cans of silly string in pink or blue. Cover any evidence of the colour on the side of the can – and then you and your partner spray the coloured string over each other. Hand out a few cans to guests as well!

– Bath bomb reveal

Fill a large, pretty glass container with clear water, float a rubber duck on the top and drop in a blue or pink bath bomb! 

If you want to find out your baby’s gender at the party, engage a third party to take care of the arrangements. This way the expecting couple can share in the surprise!

Not having a party? Reveal your gender with a cute photo announcement, holding a bunch of pink or blue balloons, chalkboard sign, tiny shoes or a coloured bow tied around your pregnant belly.


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