Delight your children’s senses with Halloween themed meals and snacks

Delight your children’s senses with Halloween themed meals and snacks

The holiday season officially begins when the pumpkin spiced lattes are back on the coffee shop menu. We grow up linking certain smells, food and colours to certain holidays and that’s also down to food seasonality as well as the traditions our parents put in place for us.

In a time where everything must be Instagrammable, Halloween draws out the most creative side of us Mums.

What better way to do this than with food! Here’s our list of 5 meals and snacks that your children will love…


  1. Monster baby bels

There’s no time for Pac Man™ baby bels at this time of the year. Turn your baby bels into little monsters. All you’ll need is one extra baby bel for slicing and making the round eyes, a couple of raisins for the irises and a pair of scissors to cut their sharp teeth.

2. Broomsticks and Bats

Balancing good treats with naughty treats is the key for snack time! The broomsticks are made with pretzel sticks, string cheese and tied together with chives.

3. Pumpkin rice and all things nice!

With spooky cookie cutters – there really is no limit to the fun you can have. Why not try some coloured rice shapes or fish finger shapes work too.

4. Frankenstein toast

Avocado, black olives, nori and bread can help you make some delicious Frankenstein toast to spook the little ones at lunch time.

5. Frightful fruits!

Make deliciously healthy fruit kebabs into spooky friends! Add a marshmallow ghost if you’d like your kids to have a sweet treat.

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