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Make the Most of Summer Staycation

Make the Most of Summer Staycation

While the temperature continues to rise and people start to head off on exciting adventures and holidays. It can feel like you are ‘stuck’ if you aren’t going away. Staying at home doesn’t have as boring as you might think. Make the most of your summer staycation with these tips. 


Set a budget.

First, you need to set a budget for the fun activities you are going to do while at home. The good news is, even if you spend a little extra on outings, you will still save some money. A staycation is not as expensive as traveling.

Make plans. 

We bet there are some things you want to do, but never had the time to do them. Like checking out a new restaurant, or riding a roller coaster. If  you are always putting those things on hold because of work or daily life stress, then you can do them now. Make a family bucket list of everything you want to do during summer and tick off each activity as you get them done. 

Get artsy. 

A staycation is a perfect time to get into some DIY projects. You can paint the house, make your own slime, or build a super amazing Lego house. You can also create something creative that takes a few days. Moreover, you can try some fun science experiments at home. 

Tidy up a little. 

Again, a staycation is a great time to catch up with everything you have been putting on hold. For instance, take some time to sort out the back of the cupboards. Or drop off unwanted clothes and toys at your local charity and give back to your community. These are also great chores to do with your kids

Plan some water fun.

Make use of your backyard or balcony to cool down and turn it into your own resort or water park. Get fun water slides, or an inflatable pool. You can also get some lounging chairs for sunbathing while the kids splash in water. Sounds great, doesn’t it? 

Make family meals. 

Make one of your staycation goals is to introduce the kitchen to your kids. Get them in there cooking and helping you out preparing a family meal. This is a great bonding time to create delicious food together. These memories of cooking in the kitchen with you will stay with your child for years to come.

Family reading time.

Encourage your children to read during your staycation by setting a time only for reading. You can all read the same stories and bond over them. Or everyone can read whatever they choose. There will be plenty of time during summer break, so having an hour to read daily won’t be difficult at all. 

Add an educational twist. 

Just because it is summer break, does not mean our kids cannot learn a thing or two. Find educational TV shows and learn something new together. National Geographic, Animal Planet and Discovery Channel are all great.

Keep physical activity in mind. 

Have 60 minutes of active exercise each day as a family. Perhaps do some dancing to your favorite tunes, go for a swim, or go walk around a park. You can also find an adventure playground or set up your own circuit at home. For example, start by jumping over two pillows, then crawl under the table. Run around the chair, tip toe around the table and start again. Kids will love those activities, especially if you made them into a race. 


If you know friends who are also having a staycation, invite them over. Plan a fun playdate for their kids and yours. This will be a  fun day to socialize, hang out, and have a blast. 

Explore local places. 

Most of us know so little about where we live and what it has to offer. Plan visits to your local museums and galleries and make the most of the lack of crowds and lines.

Stop putting things on hold. 

As we mentioned before, a summer staycation is a great time to do things that were always on hold. Do at least one thing that you’ve always wanted to do. It can be anything, big or small. Make the most of the time that you’ve got.

Keep their academic skills in check.

 Children learn a lot during the school year. Setting some learning goals helps them greatly maintain and up keep those skills. Have them keep a daily journal for writing. Get a math game, or find any other creative outlets for them. 

Explore new indoor activities. 

If you are living in Dubai, you know that outdoor activity timings are limited. Therefore, we suggest you visit the indoor activities with AC. For instance, go ice-skating at Ski Dubai, visit an aquarium, go to a butterfly house, or catch a movie.

Check out staycation deals around town.

Make the most of the cheap hotel deals with a summer staycation. During summer, most hotels have huge discounts, making them the perfect staycation to break up your summer.