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The Best Top 10 Nursing Bras in Dubai

The Best Top 10 Nursing Bras in Dubai

The journey of breastfeeding is not an easy one. But with the right preparations, you can easily make it through. Not only do you need a good breastfeeding pillow and a breast pump. But you also need a good and comfortable nursing bra. Here are the top 10 nursing bras available here at Mumzworld! 

How are nursing bras different from regular ones? 

nursing bras take into account all new mums’ needs. Similar to maternity bras, a nursing bra helps be more comfortable without pain or irritation. In other words, a nursing bra will help you in:

  • – Carrying the extra weight of nursing breasts. 
  • – Soaking up any leaks.
  • – Protecting breasts as they have protective pads.
  • – Helping breastfeeding mums to avoid flabby breasts. 

What to take into consideration when buying nursing bras? 

1| Size. 

The nursing bra should be supportive, not too tight or too loose. A tight fitting bra can cause issues such as plugged milk ducts or leave marks on your skin. 

2| Color. 

Most breastfeeding bras and maternity bras are either black, beige, or white. These colors seem the safest and most neutral. You can get one of each and wear them with matching tops. On the other hand, some brands carry out colorful collections of feeding bras. So, if you are into more colorful ones, you can find what you are looking for. 

3| Wire or no wire? 

Most experts and experienced mums prefer an unwired bra. That is because it can put pressure on your skin resulting in the same issues a tight bra can cause. However, if you get a wired bra, make sure it is heavily padded so it won’t hurt you. 

Top 10 Nursing Bras

Blooming Blossom

This nursing bra is great when you are using breast pumps. It will allow you to either breastfeed or pump keeping both you hands free. It is comfortable, soft, and the material is breathable. Meaning you can wear it all day long and not feel any discomfort. This one is a great choice for busy mums.


Make breastfeeding easier with this nursing sports bra. The clip and pump hands-free nursing bra accessory’s revolutionary design offers moms the convenience, ease and discretion. Many mums describe this bravado nursing bra as a game changer.


Consider it a 2 in 1 if you will: a pumping bra and a nursing bra. Not only is it comfortable and breathable. But it also has adjustable straps and three extra hook extensions to adjust it to your convenience. Furthermore, this feeding bra protects your privacy with a one-step nursing clip for breastfeeding.

Cake Maternity

A rose colored breastfeeding bra that is both stylish and comfortable. It is perfectly formed for a smooth profile with triangle shaped contour cups. Along with internal cotton sling for added support. In addition, this nursing bra is wireless – so you don’t need to worry about wires popping out and hurting you.


Many mums experience backpains postpartum. Sankom’s multifunctional nursing bra helps a lot when it comes to back pains. The coverage and support it offers helps you improve your posture thus preventing and reducing back pains. The material is very soft and leaves no marks or odors on your skin.

Mums & Bumps

This multipurpose nursing bra can be that – and it also can be a daily bra or a pregnancy bra. The fabric is very soft and light for daily use, and the full coverage cups are very comfortable. Mums & Bumps nursing bra features a pullover style. Meaning there is no hook-and-eye closures, which guarantees total comfort, even when you are sleeping. Their maternity bras and nursing bras collection also offers plenty of shapes, colors, and designs.


A seamless nursing bra with no wires or removable pads – all to fit you perfectly. The seamless design helps reduce friction a lot. Okus offers more than 10 different colors including light purple, nude, orange, gray, pink, and many more.


Get all the support you need with the Carriwell gel-wire support bra. It has a special design to support the nursing mums with fuller sized breasts. Moreover, the underwire it features is highly recommended by Midwife & Lactation consultants. This is one of the best plus size nursing bras you can find.

Belly Bandit

Belly Bandit are known for their great maternity belts and nursing bras. Their nursing bras are seamless, wire-free and comfortable. They have adjustable straps, a one hand clasp release, and an inner sling for extra support. You can also remove the pads if you need to.

Sunveno Maternity

Sunveno maternity nursing bra is perfect for pregnant mums and breastfeeding mums. It is super soft and flexible, and it can change as your body does to fit it perfectly. The Bra has breathable honey comb vent pads to avoid any leaks and give maximum comfort. A latch is provided to open the bra which enable’s mums to feed the baby as when in need.