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Top 10 Bicycles for Kids to Enjoy in Parks

Top 10 Bicycles for Kids to Enjoy in Parks

Riding a bicycle is one of the most important things for children to learn. It is one of the most beneficial outdoor activities for both their mental and physical health. The ability of riding bikes reflects positively on kids’ cognitive skills and their body strength. Going out biking is also a great family activity to do together. Here are the top 10 bicycles for kids to enjoy in the parks of Dubai and anywhere in the GCC.

Top 10 Bicycles for Kids

Spartan – 27.5″ Ampezzo Men’s MTB – Moutain Bicycle – Blue

Spartan bicycle is perfect for riders whether on a single track, a gravel paths, or simply heading out on their next camping adventure. It is perfect and safe for children from the age of 5 to 10 years old. It is made with high quality and durable steel for a fun and safe ride. This mountain bike the ultimate combination of durability and safe.

Myts – 125cc Quad ATV Bike Without Reverse For Kids – Yellow

A Quad Bike is the entry-level model in the sports of quad bike range. This one has more power and durability than the other models. It is equipped with all the standard equipment that you want including a high beam and low beam headlight, tubeless rubber off road tires, rear disc brake, and electric start. The automatic drive system makes it easily, fun and safe to ride. This bike is a great long term buddy for your kids!

Royal Baby – 12″ Freestyle Bicycle for Kids- Blue

The Royal Baby bicycles for kids is a newly developed Freestyle bike for boys and girls offers factory direct sales for the best possible price. The patented components feature designs specifically with the needs of children in mind. Also, the unique carton and packaging includes all the tools necessary to assemble the bicycle so that this bike can hit the sidewalk in no time.

Mogoo – Florida 26″ Cruiser Bike – Pink

Turn sidewalks into fun runways with Mogoo Florida! The design places the seat a little farther back and with a lower center of gravity. This will support your child into a more upright riding position with full leg extension. Which makes it more comfortable and easy to ride. In addition, this upright riding position with raised handlebars eliminates wrist, arm, neck, and leg pains. Your kids won’t believe the difference in how comfortable they feel while they ride!

SmarTike – Xtend Mg+ Bike – Black/Blue

A convertible balance bike with a unique extendable frame. It matches your child’s age and skill level from the age of 3 years old and up tp 6 years old. Combining a balance bike with pedals and age-appropriate lessons, the Xtend MG+ will accompany your child from their first balancing lesson to independent cycling. This one is truly one of the best bicycles for kids

Lovely Baby – Mercedes Benz 4-in-1 Trike – Blue

Watch your little one go from a curious baby to a confident toddler and completely independent preschooler as they learn to ride with this Mercedes Benz trike. Parents can push and steer in the first instance and as your child grows and becomes confident, they can pedal. Once they’ve learned to pedal, remove the waist bar and encourage them to steer. Eventually, they’ll be pedaling and steering themselves all around the park! With an adjustable, detachable parent push handle, five-point seat belt safety harness, and protective safety bar, you’ll also have peace of mind of the most efficient safety features.

Nadle – Kids Multifunctional Ride-On Tricycle – Red

This tricycle ride on bike is perfect for your little one. This tricycle can be changed in different modes based on your child’s age. The bike develops coordination as the little one can have fun and enjoy rides in all types of pavements. The handle is grip able and it will be easy to for the young one to ride.

Huffy – So Sweet Bike 12inch – Pink

Get your little princess this sweet pink bike with butterflies and flowers. The seat also has a diamond frame along with rear coaster brakes. It also includes sidewalk tires and wide training wheels which add stability when your little girl is riding. It will also teach her balance, strength, and coordination. The substantial frame and training wheels provide a sturdy base on which your child can get comfortable.

Razor – Bike Agitator Pro Free Style 20″ – Grey

The Razor Agitator is a sweet freestyle bike loaded with everything that’s cool. The all steel frame and fork rolls on alloy tri-spoke mag wheels and beefy street tread tires. A meaty four bolt stem grips the BMX style crossbar handlebars, outfitted with alloy levers for the front and rear handbrakes alloy side pull with through-stem cable routing up front, and alloy linear pull rear brakes with inline spinning cable detangle for bar spinning tricks. And speaking of tricks, you’re all set to go with front and rear steel axle pegs. This is one fierce freestyle machine.
This three-wheeled bike comes with an awesome design. Designed for children who are ready for a little vehicular independence. This tricycle can help develop and improve stamina and muscle strength. While the frame is constructed with steel and the tires are very durable to help your child develop the confidence to start cycling. Can carry kids from 6-10 yrs.

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