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Working Out with Toddlers: Fun and Bonding Activities

Working Out with Toddlers: Fun and Bonding Activities

Every mum and dad wants their kids to be fit and energetic. Raising fit kids starts from an early age. It is our duty as mums to provide our children with a healthy lifestyle that combines between a healthy diet and regular physical activity. Starting to work out with your toddler is the first of achieving this healthy lifestyle. Not only does it build up good foundations for physical activities. But since you are also working out with your toddler, it helps you stay fit and energetic. So, how to start working out with toddlers, how does it benefit you and your child, and what exercise can you both do together? 

How to start working out with toddlers?

Mums might find it difficult to start working out with their toddlers. They believe that they are still young and cannot fully understand the idea of working out and its benefits. But toddlers tend to imitate and copy everything their parents do. And while conversations are important to help children understand the benefits of it, actions speak louder. 

Start by taking your toddler out to parks for quick jogs. Stay slow and keep an eye on your toddler – you need to make sure not to over do it with them, especially at the beginning. Make it into a daily habit for you and your toddler to go out and walk around. Trust us, you will see your toddler eagerly waiting for this time of day to spend walking around with you. 

Gradually start doing extra activities to get your toddler moving around more. For example, start stretching and doing floor exercises while your toddler plays with a ball. You can turn it into a family activity and have your kids play tag while you do your own work out. Remember to keep an eye on them. 

Also, keep in mind not to over do it. Your toddler is still young and cannot keep up with adult movement. Have a snack or light lunch packed, and drink a lot of water.

What are the benefits of working out with toddlers? 

  • -It creates a strong and beautiful relationship between you and your toddler. 
  • – Working out with toddlers keeps mums fit and energetic.
  • – Helps you get back to shape after childbirth and lose baby weight. 
  • – Builds up your toddler’s physical strength and muscles 
  • – Reducing risks of becoming overweight for both you and your children. 
  • – Helps children adapt to a healthy lifestyle as they grow. This will help their bodies to be healthy and have lower blood pressure and blood cholesterol levels. 
  • – Lowers the mum’s blood pressure and cholesterol levels and protects her against diabetes. 
  • – Makes sleep time a lot easier and smoother as your toddler has used up all of his or her energy. 

What exercise mums can do with their toddlers? 

There are plenty of activities that you can do with your toddler to help build up their physical strength while also keeping you fit and help you lose weight. Here are 5 suggestions, but keep in mind that the sky’s the limit when it comes to working out with toddlers. 

1| Jogging 

Jogging and walking are the best exercises you can do with toddlers. Jogging helps maintain bone health for you. And it builds up your child’s bone strength. All toddlers love to walk around because they just learnt how. So this is the best workout a mum can do with her toddler. And it can be easily done daily.  

You need to pick the right time to go jogging with your toddler. Especially if you live in Dubai where the climate is warm all year round. Morning jogs are the best. Have breakfast, get dressed and go for a 30 minute jog with your toddler. You might need to take a stroller with you in case your toddler gets tired. And this is a plus for you as pushing your toddler’s stroller can strengthen your muscles and make them more flexible.

2| Riding bicycles

There are many ride ons that are great for toddlers. Whether it was a simple push ride-on or a 3 wheeled bicycle. Get your toddler’s bike and yours and start riding around the park. Cycling is great for mums as it increases your metabolic rate and helps you lose weight. Cycling moves all your body’s muscles, so it is basically a great full workout that you can do with your toddler. 

However, it can be a little hard to grab two bikes, a stroller, and a couple bags. So you can do this during the weekend with your husband, family, or friends. 

Teaching toddlers how to ride a bike at this age is really good for the long run. They will grow into loving it and doing it all the time. Which will keep their bodies fit and healthy. 

3| Swimming 

Teaching children to swim at an early age has great benefits. Sign up for swimming lessons with your toddler a couple times a week and enjoy this experience. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, it is best to start teaching children to swim at the age of one. And aside from the many benefits of swimming for toddlers, it is super fun for them to splash water around. 

As for mums, there are many benefits for swimming including: 

  • – Muscle toning 
  • – Burning calories and losing weight
  • – Reducing stress and anxiety
  • – A great way to cool down in the summer

In addition to that, it is a great bonding activity for you and your toddler. Trust us, your child will be so grateful to know how to swim at an early age. As it will keep their bodies fit, healthy, and they will have no fears of water. As they grow, they will have more confidence in themselves as well – if they can swim, they can do anything. 

4| Ball tossing 

This is another exercise that you can do easily on a daily basis. Get a small ball and toss it around with your toddler. It will build up both your muscle strength and make your bodies more flexible and healthy. 

Ball tossing boosts your toddler’s eye-hand coordination, motor skills, and physical strength. It can also be a great indoor activity when you cannot go out. 

5| Hula Hooping 

Last, but definitely not least, is hula hooping. While toddlers might not be able to do it, they will have plenty of fun and watching you do it will motivate them a lot. As for you, mum, hula hooping is a great way to tone your waste. It helps reduce the fat surrounding your core and it will build up the muscles there. Building core muscles is a healthy and normal way of gaining healthy body weight. All it takes is a lot of practice and consistency. To make this activity more fun for you and your toddler, put on some energetic and fun music to get you both going.

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