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World Diabetes Day: Raise Awareness for Children Diabetes

World Diabetes Day: Raise Awareness for Children Diabetes

World Diabetes Day is an annual global day which is on November 14th. It is a day where people share their stories on dealing with diabetes, and work on raising awareness on the matter. We believe that this year we need to educate ourselves more on Children Diabetes as it is one of the biggest concerns that face our children. And most mums don’t know what is children’s diabetes nor what are the symptoms. Here you will know it all along with how to talk to your child about it and if you can prevent it. 

What is children’s diabetes? 

First, to define children’s diabetes, you need to know whether it is type 1 diabetes or type 2. 

Type 1 Diabetes

This is when your child’s body no longer produces insulin as it should. Doctors and experts also call it juvenile diabetes or insulin-dependent diabetes. 

What causes Type 1 Diabetes? 

Sadly, the causes of type 1 diabetes are unknown. Doctors usually refer to genetics and environmental factors as part of causing it.

Type 1 Diabetes Symptoms:

  • – Extreme thirst and hunger
  • – Possible bed wetting or frequent urination
  • – Unexplained weight loss
  • – Tiredness and fatigue
  • – Child becomes more irritated
  • – Behavior changes
  • – Fruity-smelling breath

Type 2 Diabetes

This chronic disease is more common amongst adults. However, many experts believe it is on the rise amongst children. The main cause for type 2 diabetes is obesity. So, it is caused by things that you as a mum can control and help prevent. 

The symptoms of Type 2 Diabetes

This type has no noticeable symptoms. That is why it is so important to keep a routine check up. Having said that, some children might experience the exact symptoms of type 1 which we mentioned earlier. They can also experience blurry vision, and less focus, and certain areas of the skin become darkened. In addition, weight loss is less common when a child has type 2 diabetes. 

Can I prevent children’s diabetes? 

When it comes to type 1 diabetes, there is no crystal clear way to prevent it. Currently, there is no known way to slow or prevent the disease when antibodies are found. However, you can prevent its complications by:

  • – Keep your child’s blood sugar under control.
  • – Encourage your child to eat healthy and exercise regularly. 
  • – Make regular visits to your child’s pediatrician and make the necessary tests. 

As for type 2, there are a few things you can do to prevent it.   

How to prevent type 2 diabetes? 

Preventing type 2 diabetes is easy. All it needs is consistency. Keeping up with these steps is good for you, your kids, and your family. Here is how you can prevent it and keep your children safe and healthy: 

1| Lead a healthy lifestyle 

As a mum, you are usually in charge of foods and meals. To prevent type 2 diabetes, make sure you always feed your family right. Provide them with healthy and balanced meals. This does not mean to cut out foods like chocolates or candies, but it means to eat them in moderation. Encourage your children to eat healthy. Like eating more fruits, vegetables, and drink more water. This will protect them and keep their little bodies happy and healthy. To sum up, here is what you should do:

  • – Serve healthy meals. 
  • – Drink lots of water. 
  • – Eat at the table, not in front of the TV. 
  • – Teach your children to eat slowly and chew well.
  • – Serve small portions, but don’t starve yourself. 

2| Stay active 

Most families are overwhelmed with kids, responsibilities, and work that they forget to stay physically active. Nor do they encourage their kids to be so. It is so important for you to keep your children active. You can start slowly and gradually build up. Give physical exercise a positive vibe to get your kids into it. Remember, this is for both you and them. 

3| Avoid sugary foods

We all crave a piece of cake or some ice cream every now and then. It is perfectly healthy. But make sure not to turn this into a daily habit. This will make consuming sugary foods spin out of control. The best thing you can do is designate one day a week to have dessert with your kids. This way you will encourage them to eat healthy while also satisfying their sweet tooth. 

Make the most of World Diabetes Day to explain it to my child 

Use the World Diabetes Day to talk to your child. Just like any other matter, when it comes to children’s diabetes, you need to have a sit down with your kid. You need to explain everything to them from scratch. This will help them understand the situation, and accept medication without resistance. Start by telling them what insulin is. Tell them why they need it, and that their bodies cannot make it anymore. 

Explain to them that all the tiredness they are feeling would go away with the medication. Put a positive spin on things and help them look forward to becoming healthier and happier. 

In addition, you can use videos and visual aids to help your children understand better. Simply search for them on YouTube and plenty will pop up. 

Does children’s diabetes affect their growth or development? 

When it comes to type 2 diabetes, your child will feel tired, and might have trouble focusing. However, type 2 can be easily prevented or controlled. So, affecting your child’s development will be temporary. 

On the other hand, type 1 diabetes is a little different. If your child has good blood glucose control, then he or she will be fine. And their growth and development would not be disrupted. However, if your child has high blood sugars or ketoacidosis, then it might have an effect. If a child is diagnosed at the age of 10 for example, hitting puberty can be delayed. 

In other words, yes, there is an effect. But you can avoid it by keeping your child’s blood sugar at the required rates. 

UAE Diabetes Centers

If you live in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, or anywhere in the UAE, you will find many places to care for your child. For example, the Dubai Diabetes Center is fully dedicated to care for children with diabetes and help them work through it. They provide comprehensive diabetes care according to the world’s best standards, and they offer a specially designed child friendly environment. Visit them on World Diabetes Day to get more knowledge on this day. 

Overall, you work to prevent children’s diabetes and keep your kids healthy. And if not, work harder to keep them in the safety zone. Support them and teach them to be amazing no matter what gets in their way.