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Your Ultimate Guide for Visiting Expo 2020 Dubai with Kids

Your Ultimate Guide for Visiting Expo 2020 Dubai with Kids

Everyone is talking about the Expo 2020 Dubai. It is one of the biggest events happening now in Dubai. But what is Expo? Is it suitable for kids? What activities can our kids do there? And how can you prepare to visit Expo 2020 Dubai with kids? All the answers you need are here in this detailed guide. 

First off, what is Expo? 

Expo 2020 Dubai offers you an avenue to explore around 192 countries through their own pavilions. Expo aims through its different pavilions to “Connect Minds and Create the Future” through sustainability, mobility and opportunity.

It all started in 1851 in London, where many countries and nations shared their achievements and plans for a better future. And since then, Expo has become a platform to share new innovations and success stories. 

This year’s Expo is being held in Dubai. And this is the first time in history where the global Expo takes place in the Middle East. 

Can I visit Expo 2020 Dubai with my kids? 

Yes, you can! In fact, many mums are surprised by the fact that the Expo actually has plenty to offer for kids. You can visit it with your children and make a day out of it. In addition, it is well prepared for family visits. The Expo includes more than 60 family friendly shows, facilities to ensure you and your family’s comfort, and a service to rent out baby strollers instead of carrying your own. 

Also, the Expo mascots will get your children’s attention. The Expo mascots are two ambitious and bright siblings: Latifa & Rashid. They have many interests in science and new innovations. They are also accompanied by three helpful bots called Opti, Alif and Terra. We bet your children will love those mascots and be very excited to see them at the Expo. 

Keep in mind: 

Anyone above 18 years old needs to be vaccinated in order to be able to get in the Expo. If not vaccinated, there should be a PCR test within 72 hours of visiting. There are also plenty of PCR testing facilities adjacent to the Expo 2020 Dubai site.

How to prepare for visiting the Expo with kids? 

1| Check out the themes 

One of the things we love about Expo 2020 Dubai is that it has themed weeks. Every week has a special theme that is entertaining while also addressing serious issues about our planet and lives. When planning to visit, pick a week with a theme that both you and your children will love. Those themes are: 

  • 1| Climate and Biodiversity.
  • 2| Space.
  • 3| Urban and Rural Development.
  • 4| Tolerances and Inclusivity.
  • 5| Knowledge and Learning.
  • 6| Travel and connectivity.
  • 7| Global Goals.
  • 8| Health and Wellness.
  • 9| Food, Agriculture, and Livelihoods.
  • 10| Water.

You can check the specific dates for those themes at the Expo’s official website. 

2| Prepare well 

While you can try many dishes in Expo from many other countries, we recommend always having a snack at hand. Water is also important to stay hydrated and energetic. We recommend you pack a bag with mini snacks, water, sanitizers, and whatever else you might need.

Also, if getting to the Expo requires a long drive, we recommend you pack a lunch for the road. Make sure you prepare your car as well to keep your kids safe and entertained. 

3| Book your tickets

Book your Expo tickets here. Booking your tickets in advance will help you avoid long queues.

What activities does Expo 2020 Dubai offer for kids?

After thorough research, we found that there are 7 must-try activities at Expo 2020 Dubai.

1| Visit the country pavilions 

As we mentioned before, there are over 190 pavilions that display cultures from different countries. We think your kids would love the Australia pavilion as it offers live performances, music and dances throughout the Expo. The China pavilion might lure your little ones with its traditional floating lanterns – just like the ones from Tangled! Also, there is a big transparent slide on the building’s exterior at the Luxembourg pavilion. This one is great for kids and grown ups both. 

As for expat families, we recommend taking your kids to the UAE pavilion. This will help both you and your children learn about UAE culture and achievements. This will help you and your children settle in easier in the UAE whether you newly moved here, or even if it’s been awhile. 

2| The Mars-inspired playground

Your children can climb their way to Mars through fun nets while also learning all about planets and the universe. There are also plenty of fun trampolines! Your kids can also learn all about the UAE’s mission to land on Mars in 2021. 

3| Exercise gaming

Many parents dread video games as kids play sitting and not moving at all. The Expo 2020 Dubai features the usage of new inventive ways which combine technology and activity in order to create fitness into the future.

4| The horizontal elevator

Forget the traditional lift and introduce your kids to a new kind of elevator: side to side ones. This one is kind of like the Willy Wanka elevator in his chocolate factory. We bet your children will love that! 

5| Watch indoor rain

We don’t get much rain here in the UAE, so this one is perfect for your family. We recommend you visit the Netherlands Pavilion and watch their indoor rain using genius technologies. Your kids can enjoy the indoor rain while also learning a bit about generating water. 

6| Al Thuraya Park

We all love parks, right? Here you can experience a 360-degree panoramic view of the World Exhibition. In addition, it gives you and your children a chance to explore the exhibitions twinkling lights and an exceptional opportunity to jump on this moving circular plate to enjoy the view. 

7| Save the penguins 

Your little ones can help the penguins get back to safety At the Monaco pavilion. They can save the penguins through a game of jump and run. Your kids will love watching how robotic baby penguins observe and repeat older penguins’ behavior.

You can book your tickets now here.

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