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Cleaning Wall Drawings Made Easier with These Tricks

Cleaning Wall Drawings Made Easier with These Tricks

Having kids in the house means a new mess every now and then. Especially if you have little artists who just love to draw on the walls. And while you can have the talk about why they should not draw on the walls, that might not stop them. Do not worry, we got you covered with these tricks for cleaning wall drawings. 

This dilemma haunts every mum: how to clean my walls? Here we have some tricks up our sleeves for cleaning wall drawings quickly and effectively. 

Tricks for Cleaning Wall Drawings

Your little Picasso can use different kinds of colors, pens, and pencils to leave all sorts of masterpieces on your walls. Here  is how cleaning wall drawings is done:

Crayon drawings 

Crayons are the most common thing children use to draw on walls. That is probably why we all get crayons for our little artists. Though being rewarded with wall drawings is not so great, you can easily clean them with this trick: 

1| Mix equal parts of white vinegar and toothpaste

2| Soak a cloth in this mixture for a couple minutes. 

3| Use the soaked cloth to wipe off the crayon drawing on the wall. 

4| Wipe it off again using a clean towel. 

This will completely clean your wall from crayon drawings. 

Did they use pencils?

Pencil drawings are also easily cleaned. If your kids used pencils, then cleaning wall drawings will be easier than cleaning them if they used pens or markers. All you have to do is grab an eraser and  gently erase the pencil marks off your wall. Make sure you do it gently so you won’t spread it further. 

Another trick to clean pencil drawings is to use baking soda. All you got to do is mix some baking soda with water and use it to clean the drawings. You also need to wipe it off gently so it won’t be worse. 

What about pens?

We do not recommend giving children pens in the first place. However, if one happens to fall into their hands and on your wall, then here is how to clean it: 

– Nail polish remover

Nail polish remover can efficiently remove pen marks off your wall. Just dip a cloth in it and wipe it off gently and slowly. Make sure not to rub so hard as it might damage your wall’s paint. 

– Toothpaste

Toothpaste is also useful when cleaning your walls from pen drawings. Just as the nail polish remover, put some on a cloth and rub gently. 

– Buy a good cleaner

If neither nail polish remover or toothpaste cleaned your walls, you can always buy something that is made specially for cleaning ink off walls. 

Cleaning marker drawings 

To clean markers off your walls, you need to act quick. There are so many easy hacks to clean them off. The first one is to use hairspray. Simply spray some on a cotton cloth and wipe off the marker drawings. In addition, alcohol is very efficient when it comes to cleaning marker drawings off your walls. 

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