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Healthy backpacks for kids

Healthy backpacks for kids

It is that time of year where we are running from bookstore to bookstore to buy the best school supplies for our kids! It is back to school season and we dig it! From pens to pencils to notebooks and, most importantly, backpacks! Why are backpacks important? Because they hold our children’s school supplies and notebooks, and they kind of stay on our kids’ backs most of the day.

 Understanding the importance of choosing the right back pack is crucial for your kids’ health. But no worries, here we will help you how to choose healthy back packs with the guidance of chiropractors! Just keep in mind the following check list:

1| Get a small backpack.

Smaller back packs would prevent over packing, thus, carrying less wait preventing any negative effect over your child’s posture. Chiropractors usually advise that the bag’s weight should equal 10 percent of your kid’s weight – a little math to ensure your kids posture and avoid muscle strain!

2| Pads, pads, pads!

Having a padded backpack is necessary, especially in three areas: neck, shoulders, and hips. The pads will ensure distributing the weight instead of burdening the shoulders only. This isn’t important just for kids, but even for you as a mom and an adult.

3| Pack wisely.

This isn’t just for kids; it is for moms and adults too! To pack smartly and avoid back pain all you got to do is keep the heavy items closer your back, and lighter ones go to the exterior. For example, pack your kid’s heavy science book in the compartment that is closer to the straps, and put their pencil case in the front compartment. Simply, get a bag that has front, middle, and back compartments.

Just keep in mind when shopping for a back pack those three pieces of advice and you’ll get the perfect one. Also, avoid the following when shopping for a back pack:

  • Don’t get a bag with one big giant compartment.
  • Don’t prioritize style over comfort.
  • Don’t buy your 10-year old a bag that’s for a 16-year old.
  • Don’t expect a bag to last forever.

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On another note, some chiropractors prefer wheelie back packs as they take off a load off of the child’s back. But others think that this kind of rolling back packs can negatively affect the posture. We believe that a combination of both is the best, as it distributes the weight throughout the whole body rather than pressuring one area.

No matter what you prefer, we all are trying to find the best back packs for our children that won’t tire them or have negative effects on their growing bodies, and we said, those tips would guarantee you getting the perfect one that will keep your child healthy and happy!