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Internet Safety for Kids: How to Create it?

Internet Safety for Kids: How to Create it?

At this time and age, we use the internet for almost everything. We use it on a daily basis to socialize, stay informed, find information, book flights, and shop. And because of the pandemic, the internet is now attached fully to our kids’ education. So, yes. It does have many benefits. But still, it can be a dangerous web for our kids to wander into. You never know what they might find. So, how to create internet safety for my kids and keep them protected? 

Why are we talking about this? 

We believe we already know the answer to this. But a bit of a reminder won’t hurt. The web is a place where you can find literally everything. And sometimes, the wrong window pops up and you see or read something that you don’t want to. What’s worse is that even our kids are subjected to this. 

The internet can hold many awful things that can hurt our kids mentally. Like inappropriate content, cyber bullying, and much more. Having said that, it does not entirely mean that our kids will encounter such things. But, it’s better to be safe than sorry, right? 

How to create internet safety for my kids at home? 

1| Find alternatives that are just as fun.

Most of our kids want internet access to play video games. And while there is no harm in giving an hour a day to play. It is always important to have alternatives to keep them entertained. You can find fun Lego toys to keep them busy. Or a family game for all to have fun and bond together. 

2| Encourage them to read.

Reading is one of the most important things we need to teach our kids. Especially that we live in an electronic world – where the importance of reading and books is forgotten. Reading is very beneficial for our kids as well. It develops their literacy skills, their imagination, and their comprehension skills.

3| Sign them up for extracurricular activities.

It is very obvious that our kids need to be physically active. We can encourage them to be so by signing them up for extracurricular activities like sports. Not only will it help them be healthy and fit. But being in a team or a club will help them socialize, make friends. In addition, it will teach them good values like teamwork, patience, and leadership. Many mums expressed how those activities made their kids less attached to their screens, and more into energetic fun.

4| Make plans for outdoor fun.

All kids love playing outdoors. There is just so much they can do. From riding a bike, to playing with slides, swings, and much more. Getting out for fresh air and a fun outdoor time benefits your little ones both physically and mentally. So, make sure you always have time for them to go out and play outside. 

5| Keep the electronics in a joint room.

Another advice to create internet safety in your home is to have one shared device for your kids. In addition, keep this laptop or computer in a joint room for all them. Like your living room or any open floor room that both you and your kids have access to. 

We suggest you ban having this device in someone’s personal room. And with a shared device, no one will be able to hog it.  Furthermore, if your kids have personal devices, make sure you keep an eye on them. We don’t want you to hover over their heads, but to make sure they are well protected. 

6| Set screen time.

It is no secret that long periods of screen time are harmful for our kids both mentally and physically. Studies show that it can affect their concentration, academic achievement, and social skills. That is why it is essential for you to set a schedule for screen time, and be very assertive about it. 

7| Use parental control software.

Again, we live in a world of technology. Thus, it only makes sense to have software to help us create internet safety within our homes. There are plenty of options for parental control software. Such apps or software helps you block any inappropriate content, adds, and helps you control screen time as well. It also helps you keep an eye on what pops up to your kids while they’re using the internet. Moreover, make sure to keep a conversation going with your kids on why such softwares is important. 

8| Be crystal clear with your kids.

Most of our kids won’t do as we say without a prolonged discussion. That is why we urge you to always have an open and honest conversation going with them. As their mum, you need to explain to your kids the dangers of the internet. Help them understand that this is not to control them, but to protect them. In addition, ask their school and teacher to have seminars on cyberbullying. Ask them to talk about why they should not share their personal information online. This is one of the best ways to help your kids actually understand this. 

9| See what your internet plan or package has to offer.

Many internet companies offer special family packages and plans. Which includes settings to block out spam content, inappropriate images or videos, and obscene language. Call your internet provider and ask about what service they can offer on the matter. 

10| Finally, be a role model for your kids. 

Our kids mirror our actions. That is a fact that we are all aware of as mums and parents. So, make sure you don’t overuse your own phone or laptop throughout the day. If you must, explain the reason behind it. Like work or an emergency. Also, use protective apps and software for your devices as well. Us adults are easily exposed to online crimes and cyber theft. Show those precautions to your kids to help them better understand the benefit of them. And that is how you become a great role model for your kids.