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Say Goodbye to Stretch Marks with these Creams and Oils

Say Goodbye to Stretch Marks with these Creams and Oils

Every pregnant mum gets stretch marks. It is one of the most common things all mums experience during their pregnancy. Worry not – there are plenty of creams and oils which helps avoid stretch marks. And even if you had them, there are many solutions to make them fade. You will find many creams and oils here at to help you prevent stretch marks that happens during pregnancy or even make them fade completely. 

What are pregnancy stretch marks?

Pregnancy stretch marks are the most common thing mums experience during their pregnancy. They start showing during the second or third trimester. Also, they mostly appear on the mum’s belly and breasts. Those stretch marks happened due to your belly and body getting bigger as your baby grows. Also, the hormonal changes your body goes through during pregnancy makes the skin thinner thus stretch marks start to appear. 

Stretch marks are basically thin lines which appear on the belly and breasts. They are usually red or purple colored. The good news is: they get lighter after childbirth. 

How to avoid pregnancy stretch marks? 

That is actually pretty easy, here is what you need to do:

1| Start early 

To avoid pregnancy stretch marks, you need to start caring for your skin early from the first trimester. Using high quality moisturizers help you keep your skin firm and tight. It will help you avoid flabby or loose skin even after you give birth. 

2| Stay hydrated 

Drinking a lot of water and eating fruits and vegetables keeps your skin firm. It also prevents constipation which is very common during pregnancy due to the lack of hydration. 

3| Try to maintain a healthy weight 

During your pregnancy, eat healthy and eat well. Do not starve yourself, but also don’t over eat. Do your best to maintain physical activity no matter how light or simple. This will also make losing weight after childbirth easy. 

How to get stretch marks to fade?

It is quite simple. Using the right stretch mark creams and oils help you prevent stretch marks. And if they are visible, those products will make them fade and become less visible. Many mums are torn between choosing creams or oils, when in truth they both work equally well. Your choice depends on what suits you best. There is quite a collection of stretch mark creams and oils here on, and here are the best selling ones:

Bestselling Stretch Mark Oils

Mustela Oil

Mustela’s stretch mark oil prevents and limits the appearance of stretch marks during pregnancy. It leaves your skin restored, refreshed, and noticeably smoother. This oil is formulated with 100% naturally derived ingredients, making it safe for both mum and baby during pregnancy and postpartum.

Rivadouce Oil

An oil specially formulated for future and young mothers. This organic stretch marks oil with a light powdery fragrance is made from 100% ingredients of natural origins. It prevents the appearance of stretch marks in the initial months of pregnancy to keep your skin smooth and even colored.


Erbaviva Stretch Mark Oil keeps mother’s stressed skin soft, soothed and hydrated. With a mix of nutrient rich organic essential oils including rose, sandalwood safflower, and  carrot seed oil. It boosts elasticity allowing skin to stretch smoothly. It also includes rosemary, rosehip and vitamin E to aid as anti-inflammatory skin rejuvenators. A plus side, it is delightfully aromatic. Massage this oil wherever on your body at nighttime and let it do its wonders.

Bio-Oil Skincare Oil For Scars & Stretch Marks

An all-natural product that is clinically proven to help improve the appearance of scars and stretch marks. Its unique formulation is also highly effective for uneven skin tones, ageing and dehydrated skin. Bio-Oil contains numerous ingredients that help the skin become softer and smoother thereby improving the appearance of skin. The unique formulation of oils, vitamins and plant extracts provide calming and hydrating benefits to the skin.

Weleda Massage Oil

Weleda Pregnancy Body Oil is a pure, natural formula that nourishes the skin, protecting it from dryness. This oil smooths the skin, avoiding the development of stretch marks on the stomach, thighs, bottom and breasts through regular massage.

Bestselling Stretch Mark Creams

Palmer’s Massage Lotion

Palmer’s are famous for their unique formulas that boosts healthy collagen which is the building block of skin. It also works on increasing the skin’s elasticity and its ability to stretch very important while pregnant while also moisturizing and protecting the skin. 98% of mums who use Palmer’s saw improved skin elasticity, texture and tone within no time.

Isdin Women Anti-Stretch Cream

Isdin is clinically tested to prove that it prevents and reduces stretch marks. It helps to stimulate tissue regeneration by activating collagen and elastin synthesis while also giving long term hydration. We recommend you apply it twice a day, once in the morning and once before going to bed. Just massage your skin until the cream is completely absorbed.

Maternea Body Cream

A dermatologically tested cream that contains almond oil, jojoba oil, vitamin E, and vitamin C. It hydrates your skin deeply while also keeping it elastic and smooth. Start using Maternea during your first trimester to prevent stretch marks during the rest of your pregnancy.

Sebamed Anti Stretch Cream

The Sebamed Anti Stretch Mark Cream is a heaven-sent to all mums alike who want to eliminate dark stretch marks on their belly and any other parts of the body. Thanks to a unique Triple Soft Formula, the elasticity of your skin is largely improved! This helps to prevent new stretch marks from forming and works to treat existing stretch marks by restoring the connective tissue. It contains avocado oil and shea butter to provide effective skin care and protection of the upper skin layers.

Mamaearth Cream

A richly blended body butter to gently and safely moisturize and nourish your stretching skin. Condition your growing belly with loads of cocoa, shea and jojoba butter. Mamaearth Cream helps your skin remain elastic with power of natural peptides and milk proteins. It keeps your skin smooth and supple throughout pregnancy and even after baby arrives. This cream won’t irritate your skin so you can use it with your peace of mind. Pamper yourself with this cream which will keep you happy and beautiful, just the way you want. For best results, start using Mamaearth Cream from your second trimester.

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