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Secret Santa Ideas & Gifts for this Season

Secret Santa Ideas & Gifts for this Season

Everyone is doing a secret Santa this year. In workplaces, schools, and even classes for kids and adults. So, start planning your secret Santa and get the perfect gift for this holiday season, and here is how. 

What is Secret Santa? 

Secret Santa is a traditional Christmas game. Its basic rule is to get a gift for one person secretly and this person must guess who the “Secret Santa” was. Each person is secretly assigned one person through a random draw.

How to do it? 

First, make sure everyone understands the game and what they should do. Then, and this is optional, set a budget for everyone because this game is more about fun rather than high prices. Finally, create a list of everyone who wants to participate and here are a few secret Santa ideas to draw the names:

1| Name Bowl

This is the most traditional way to draw whose Secret Santa you are going to be. Just write the names on pieces of paper and throw them in a big bowl. Choose a Christmas themed bowl to add more holiday spirit to the game. Then gather around with the people who are participating and draw the names!

2| Wheel of Secret Santa

Now this is a little more elaborate. Grab a big cardboard and draw a circle. Stick an ice cream popsicle in the middle with a board pin (or anything convenient around you). Divide the circle into little triangles and write the names and let luck decide! Make sure to remove the chosen names so no one gets two Santa’s.

3| Secret Santa Apps 

If you go to your phone’s virtual store, you will find many applications that will help you in your draw. It is very simple, just download any secret Santa app, enter the names, and a random draw will take place and everyone will know who they’re assigned to.

The latter is perfect this year since everyone is working, studying, or hanging out virtually!

Finally, plan a little gathering or an online meeting to do the gift exchange and enjoy the guessing game. 

Can children do Secret Santa? 

Of course! We believe it is a great way to have children enjoy the experience of getting gifts without overspending. If your child has a group of five friends, getting one of them a gift will be a lot easier than getting gifts for all five. The anticipation and excitement will definitely make them work hard on choosing the perfect gift!

How to choose the best gift? 

First of all, have everyone write what they like, or what’s their wish list. This will ease getting the gift. If you missed this step, here are some great gift suggestions for Secret Santa:

Gift Ideas for Children: 

Mi Dulce An’ya – Flamingo Embroidered Large School Bag

The perfect combination between practical and handcrafted, this embroidered school bag is a perfect personalized gift. Customize it to have your child’s name or have your little one gift it to her friend.

Djeco – Enchanted Mermaid Music Box

Music boxes is beautiful and simple gift. It is a wonderful decorative gift made of high quality material. Turn the handle and watch  this adorable mermaid spin under the sea.

Essmak – Bento Pack Under The Sea

Another personalized item for boys to keep their launch in. As a bonus, this box is organized Marie-Kondo-Style to help you pack the perfect launch. You can get 2 of them, one for your little boy and another for his best friend and watch them love their matching packs!

Click here for more gift ideas for your little one!

Gift Ideas for Adults

 The perfect gift for coffee lovers. This portable espresso machine is super practical. It is small, light, and has an 80ml water capacity. Featuring maximum stable pressure during the extraction for unparalleled coffee, Nanopresso is more than what most home espresso machines can deliver!
 If you’re the secret Santa for a neat freak, then we highly recommend this steamer! It is super powerful and gives incredible results, and it is light and portable. The strong steamer features penetrates into more fabric area thoroughly, creating a continuous steam flow evenly to remove the toughest wrinkles quickly from your daily clothing, suit, dress, shirt, coat, jackets and trousers, also works for sofas, bedding or even curtains!

Hyperice – Hypersphere Mini Massage Ball – Black

A cordless mini massage ball perfect for travel and on-the-go. It offers a therapeutic vibrating massage to help you move better anywhere you roam.

And remember to stay super safe this Christmas for you and your family!